Daily Tarot

 Daily and Weekly Tarot

Daily tarot for guidance

Daily Tarot Guidance | It’s an oracle that you can consult daily you seek, then. A daily tarot reading can help give you the clarity you need to make the absolute most out of your day! Subscribers to this service will be given either a daily or weekly (or both!) email sent to them detailing a lesson the cards have to show.

Each of these carries it’s own benefits and offers that come with it. Interested in both subscriptions? Send us a message and ask us about special, secret pricing for a double subscription.

  • Daily Subscription– With a daily tarot reading subscription you will be emailed a new single card reading every day with an explanation of what this means to you and your world. For only $99 a month you will received an email every day (only around $3 a day!) and the satisfaction of knowing that you approach your day safe and prepared.


  • Weekly Subscription– With a weekly subscription tarot card reading you will receive a 3 card tarot reading by email telling you a broader sense of what occurred in the week past as well as what to prepare for in the week to come. For only $49 a month you will get an email every Saturday with a 3 card tarot reading to guide you through your week!

Plus A Little Something Special

Daily tarot for guidance

Each subscription online tarot reading come with a bonus! Once a month you will be given the chance to get a SPECIAL FULL TAROT READING over phone, video or chat for only $39!

This will not be not charged by the minute. It is a full 15 minute online tarot reading (over $69 value!) scheduled at your convenience as our thanks. This must be scheduled specifically with one of our online oracles and is only good for that month.

Only A Limited Number Of Daily Tarot Subscriptions Available!

Each month gets you a new discounted reading. Our daily and weekly tarot reading subscribers are the first to know about upcoming special promotions and even free gifts! Only a limited number of daily and weekly tarot subscriptions are available, so don’t lose out!

On top of this monthly reading, as mentioned, you will also be the very first to know about any discounts or special offers. You’ll available before anyone else. Even, sometimes, special discounts ONLY available to those with a subscription. These are often our most valuable specials.

On top of all that, once a month we hold a special drawing among our subscribers. From the list of our loyal subscribers we will draw a single name every month. What do they get? An absolutely FREE 15 minute reading! Every month we do this and every month we make one of our loyal customers very happy.

Why Would You Get Something Like This?

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Why would you get a daily or weekly tarot reading? To what purpose does this serve? We’re always happy to explain here at TheTarotTells.com! Follow us to the next page and we’ll tell you all about daily tarot card reading.