Edward Mesmer

Edward Mesmer

Master Oracle

Edward Mesmer is a lifelong tarot card reader, oracle, occult scholar and divination counselor. A direct descendant of the famed Franz Mesmer, founder of modern hypnosis,  he lives in relative seclusion in the Ouachita national forest in Arkansas where he writes for various online sources and provides his oracle services to those whom it best helps.

Mr. Mesmer believes all things esoteric are provable through existing scientific knowledge and theories and strives to educate those around him that what some call ‘magic’ is simply the way of things and nothing unnatural.

Mr. Mesmer is also a licensed reverend of several different non-denominational Humanist churches and holds certification from a wide variety of organizations and schools. The esoteric and occult has been his lifelong pursuit and knowledge his true passion along with, of course, divination.

He has been reading tarot and providing various oracle services for many years now and is widely regarded as an invaluable source of reasonable, rational advice and knowledge for many. His often nihilistic but reassuring outlook attempts to bring comfort to the confusing and frightening game that is existence.