Love Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading For Love And Relationships

love tarot reading

Don’t we all have questions about love sometimes?

Love Tarot Reading | Like many before you, you come here to seeking answers from our oracles about love. Love tarot reading has been to common place most seek answers from the cards from the beginning. Now you have to wonder, what makes a love reading different than any other tarot card reading offered here? Well that’s a very interesting answer.

We don’t use tarot for this one!

What We Use Instead Of Tarot

love tarot reading

Our oracles specialize in an old, nearly forgotten method of reading the fates passed down by the old Russian nomads, the Gypsies. For this reading simple PLAYING CARDS are used in a layout not seen in the Tarot cards.

Why playing cards? They offer their own insight into situations; matters of the heart are where their insight is the most effective. We have learned that ‘simple’ playing cards are just as wise as tarot cards and a playing card reading is just as insightful as a tarot card reading, sometimes more.


How Much Is This Special Love Tarot Reading?

For a simple flat rate of $49 you will be connected with one of our compassionate, experienced Gypsy oracles for a 15 minute reading of your playing cards; we have no problem going a little over time if the situation calls for it and time allows! We are here to help guide you and help you with all your questions. We’d do it for free if we didn’t need money to keep bringing our service to you!

Playing Cards Don’t Play

This method of fortune telling has a kind of stark Truth that exists in few other places. The playing cards, ironically, do not play. The answers they give are direct and to the point and must be both respected and heeded. They do not like to be taken lightly.This is not a service you will find from other online tarot reading services. This one is special; we offer it to our loyal customers as a gift. These readings want to be shared and the cards are always eager to speak, even from a distance.

For the sake of ease, we will refer to out love fortune telling as love tarot. Though the playing cards are not tarot cards so to speak, they hold no less power as we will discuss both later and in future blogs.

Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

love tarot reading

So why get a love tarot card reading? Why partake in our mysterious gypsy card reading? Is it really so special and why would someone even have their cards read for love and romance to begin with? You know we have your answer!