Love Tarot Story

No Free Love Tarot!

Love Tarot For Free | Love tarot reading for free isn’t worth the price of the reading and as we’ve pointed out. Anyone could benefit from a love tarot reading. Now, I’m going to do something I rarely do as a man of privacy. I’m going to relate to you a story of how a love tarot reading changed my own life. I offer this otherwise private information so that you will know I mean everything I write.

Once Upon A Time…

love tarot for free

There was a girl who came into my life. We’ll call her Karen, because this is still private. So as to include real names, she’s Karen. Karen came into my world and she was amazing. I had never known what I was looking for in a mate before and as time went on and we got to know each other, I knew that I had found my partner in this silly girl with the beautiful eyes; you know what? This writer was scared.

Scared because there was so much I didn’t know. I felt that I had to have answers with Karen. I’m not ashamed to admit that thoughts of her kept me up at night and I was afraid at my feelings for her. I’d, like all of us before, been hurt and let down and indeed let myself down on so many occasions in love. I wanted this time to be different. I needed to know where everything stood.

Only On Rare Occasion

Another personal bit of information I will give you about myself is that I rarely read my own cards. On the day to day there is a kind of barrier there that keeps me from getting an accurate tarot card reading. You just feel it… you know when the cards aren’t right. Those of you out there reading this right now who also love tarot card reading will understand what I mean when I say this.

There are times, however, that I can. When my need is great and I am truly unsure about something I can throw my own tarot card reading and it will be accurate. You learn how to feel when the cards are speaking the truth and you can also tell when they’re speaking Truth. There is a huge difference I will explain in a future blog.

I Couldn’t Figure Out What To Do

love tarot for free

So one night I decided I would not only read my own tarot cards, but I would do something I had never done for myself before: I would give myself a tarot card reading for love. Never before had I approached the cards with my own heart on the line and I did so and yes, I was nervous. There was a lot on the line with this reading and I could feel the cards wanting to speak Truth.

So I laid out my love tarot card reading and put together what I saw; what I saw was an accurate tarot reading laying out myself, her own self, my feelings for her, our past and a shining outcome to look forward to if I took the appropriate path. I will not share my exact tarot card reading (and yes, I kept a document of it to look back upon) with you as I keep all, even my own, tarot readings private, absolutely and without fail.

And It All Played Out Just Like Clockwork

Over the next few weeks I was patient and kept my love tarot reading and it’s advice close at hand as I developed a friendship with this wonderful woman in my life and you know what? It worked. Everything the tarot cards told me about love that night played out with an accuracy that truly gave me chills the first time I realized how everything worked out.

So there it is. A private story from my own life, changed not because of a love tarot card reading but guided by it to the change that I wanted. Now I have the most wonderful lady I could ask for by my side after so long and I am free to thank that love tarot reading for helping guide me.

Nice Story, But How’s It Done?

I promised to tell you what’s so special about our love tarot card reading, how it is so different than anything currently being offered in an online tarot card reading. As you may know, here at we are happy to always tell you the how and why!