Yes No Tarot

Yes No Tarot Reading

yes or no tarot

Yes No Tarot | It’s a simple yes or no tarot reading you’re looking for? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. We offer a few options to allow us to better serve your needs. Simply choose which option serves you best and click below

  • Email question and answer (Y/N): $20
  • Video/Audio question and answer (Y/N)- $30

What’s All This Yes No Tarot About, Then?

So what does this get you? How does this work? Well it’s easy. You simply select the online tarot reading you would like to receive and ask the question you wish a yes or no answer to and we will respond within 24hrs, guaranteed!

yes or no tarot

In whatever medium you select you will get a yes or no answer to you question as well as an explanation of why you received your answer. As well as anything else the cards have to tell you will be explained in full.

What If I Have Questions?

As always, you are welcome to email your card reader about your reading and if your question can be answered simply, we will happily answer and questions about your tarot card reading you have. Bear in mind that because this is a premium service, our answers are limited. Simply put, a question two is fine but we cannot do a whole new reading’s worth of answers for you. That is, after all, what a full tarot reading is for!

Why The Email Option just for ?

yes or no tarot

These readings are generally much shorter by their nature which is why we offer the option to answer your question over email, though this option is not less detailed and accurate reading for the fact.

Why seek out such a simple thing as a yes or no answer for an online tarot reading? The answer is a bit less simple.