What Is Yes No Tarot?

Reading Tarot for Yes or No

Yes or Not Tarot How To

Yes Or No Tarot | Yes or no tarot reading, as you now know, is a service that we offer and perhaps you’d like to know why there is such a demand for something as basic as a yes no tarot card reading. Couldn’t the same effect be achieved with the flip of a coin? Well, in a way, yes. Though people don’t realize it, people seek an oracle and practice divination every time they flip a coin.

It’s More Than Just A Yes No Tarot Answer

You see, that’s not quite what a yes or no tarot reading does. Though the question may be simple and the answer to your online tarot card reading basically a single word, it goes farther than that; that is part of the magic of the tarot cards. The answers that an accurate tarot reading provides are never, ever simple.

Is That Enough For A Reading?

A single card drawn will instantly tell one of our skilled readers if the answer to your question is a simple yes or no. Your tarot card reading is not done, though. The card drawn offers it’s wisdom to your situation beyond just yes or no. It’s easy for us to explain so you will understand the wisdom behind the meaning of the card. It’s what we do! Each of our readers is an experienced intuitive tarot reader and wants nothing more than to help you in your journey.

Let us give you an example. Say you come to us and ask if you should push for the promotion at work you want so badly at your next meeting. The card we draw is The Emperor. A stout and solemn card, but a definite yes. He is rarely a negative card (though he is fully capable of being) but in the context of the question it is more than likely a yes.

What Else Does It Mean?

Yes or Not Tarot How To

Beyond just the simple yes, our online tarot card oracle will advise you to act with authority and leadership to win the day, to use the archetype of the Emperor to guide your day to what you wish for in your own personal journey. Meditate on the wisdom and masculine power represented by the Emperor upon his throne and walk as if it is you, scepter in hand and the world at your feet.

It Seems So Simple

A yes or no tarot reading is a simple thing, but there is power in such a simple thing. Few words sometimes mean more and all we need is a little guidance in the right direction. Just a little help to make sense of the overwhelming choices life so often presents.

A full online tarot reading is sometimes far more than a situation calls for and for this reason we offer a yes or no tarot reading. That does not mean there is not wisdom and lessons to be shown, these two things are what the tarot cards truly have to offer. They give us lessons to take with us and a wisdom going back centuries that speak just as true today about every man, woman and child.

But How?

So how is this done, exactly? What are you getting when you pay for a yes or no card reading? We’re glad to tell you, as always. TheTarotTells.com is here to educate and help and always will be.