Yes or No Tarot Reading: How Does It Work?

Tarot Cards For Yes Or No Answers

Yes No Tarot Card Reading

Yes Or No Tarot Cards | As you know now, yes or no tarot reading has a very special purpose; as always we will happily explain to you exactly how we do things and what you’re paying for. Transparency and honesty are key in tarot and in life, though those are both one in the same. So what’s the process? What exactly are you paying for and what happens when you do? It’s a wonderful question; we’d be happy to tell you.

Have A Bit Of A Simple Question?

You’ve decided that you need an answer to a yes or no question and flipping a coin just isn’t going to cut it today. It’s an important choice you have in front of you, after all. One of those questions in life that is a ‘do or don’t’ that you just need a little perspective on and, turning to someone who cares and you can trust, you come to

What Can I Ask?

First you decide your question, which we’d assume you’ve already done. Our online yes or no tarot card reading form is filled out and your choice of answer ticked off. We offer two options depending on your needs and for your convenience. By the nature of the answer we request that you limit your question for this service to a question that can be answered with a yes or no. Some examples are:

  • Should I ask for a promotion at work?
  • Would it be wise to invest in a company?
  • Is my husband/wife having unfaithful thoughts?
  • Will I find the man or woman I’m supposed to be with?

What Are My Options For Getting A Yes No Tarot Reading?

Yes No Tarot Card Reading

You can choose to have us respond via email to your question. Within 24 hours or, as is the usual, much less time you will be messaged back by one of our oracles with a detailed answer to your question. You are free to ask a question, though please try and keep it basic. After all, complex answers are for full tarot readings.

You also have the option with your yes or no tarot reading to have an audio or video response. You are welcome to stare your preference with your question if you have any and within 24 hours one of our oracles will respond and explain your answer. This is often the chosen option as the answers given with this option tend to be longer and more well explained and more in depth. It is simply easier to get an accurate tarot card reading with spoken words.

Is Any Option Better Than Another?

It should be stated that in a video response to a yes or no tarot card reading the cards will be shuffled and your tarot card answer drawn and explained in real time. This is another reason this option is the most chosen for a yes no tarot reading. An Audio Visual response vs just text gives you a more nuanced explanation incorporating vocally genuine feeling, offering you a better and more complete understanding of your reading.

How Can Yes No Tarot Reading Be Accurate?

Now you have to ask yourself, as a thinking human, is getting such a simple answer even accurate? We’d love to explain why, yes, it absolutely is. Come with us to the next page and we’ll explain exactly how you can get an accurate yes or no tarot reading!