We get asked a lot of questions about our yes or no tarot reading. Well, we get asked a lot of questions in general, but that’s ok! Keep the questions coming. It’s why we’re here.

Yes No Tarot Musings 1

The most common question we get about yes no tarot is this: What do we do if the card can go both ways? What makes us determine a definitive answer? If a card is not clearly good or bad, how can you make it go one way or another? We’ll try to explain.

We’re going to use as an example one of the most misunderstood cards in the whole tarot deck: The Tower. There are even a lot of you out there reading this who are familiar with tarot reading whose hearts dropped at even the mention of it. The Tower. Sudden, drastic change. Upheaval. The falling tower and the chaos is causes.

For out question, we will take an innocent question; a common one here at TheTarotTells.com: Is my boy/girlfriend the one? It’s a question we love to answer most of the time and is a good question to address for this card.

First of all, no matter the answer in this tarot reading, things are about to change and it’s not going to be subtle. Before we even get to intuiting the answer to the question, we know the answer is going to result in that questioner’s life being turned upside down. This could be good or bad.

Perhaps this person IS the one and knowing that is what propels their life into true bliss. The whirlwind of joy and celebration would certain be chaotic and the changes profound. The Tower does not always destroy it’s foundations as it falls. Sometimes it falls to rebuild greater.

Or, on the contrary, perhaps they are not the one. Perhaps, regardless of your love and devotion it it simply not the person you are meant to be with. I don’t feel like I have to go into too much detail to convey how this represents the chaos and changes of the Tower. Sometimes it does destroy it’s foundations.

So in the context of a yes or no tarot reading, how do we decide? That’s not a simple answer. Well, in truth it is very simple in the answering… just not so simple in the explanation. We will, for lack of a better word, feel it. The questioner and the card and the question all vibrate together and there is a knowing that defies words.

This can extend to some unexpected answers to your questions. For example, we will say the same question was asked and we pull the Three of Swords. The heartbreak card. However, we give you a yes! It would seem that no other card in the deck screams NO to a question of love like that one.

It is heartbreak and loss, yes. Perhaps it is not your heartache, though. Perhaps anothers’ heart is broken by this otherwise joyous news; this alone bears telling in your tarot reading along with everything else.

Isn’t divination fun?

We hope this helps you understand a little better. If, as always, you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch. We’re here to answer any question you may have. 

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