Welcome to The Tarot Tells blog. We’re glad you could stop by and have taken the time to see more of what we have to say about what we’re doing here; I suppose that’s a good question. What are we, as a website, doing here?

Welcome to The Tarot Tells! 1

Well, I will simplify the story greatly and perhaps revisit it another time. We (Edward, Michelle, Astrid and Simpson) have been friends for a very long time. Each of us got into astrology and/or the occult at a young age and each developed in their own way. The stories are the individual’s to tell and the details won’t be had here.

We are all very private people. You won’t see a lot of pictures of our staff here at TheTarotTells.com. Know that this is intentional and is in response to the unusual state of society. We are private and wish that privacy respected. That privacy is part of how we are able to serve all of you here.

Then why? Why if we each so reclusive and private to we do something so bold as to place ourselves on the internet for all to ‘see’? What led here, to this website and this very article.

Each of us reads tarot cards. It is tarot reading that brought us all together in separate ways. We were each ‘that’ person at a time. The one you saw reading tarot cards or reading palms at the state fair or in the courtyard of a university. In the cold or in the heat, each of us had sat there with strangers and read the fates with them; we loved it.

We loved the smiles an accurate tarot reading put on someone’s face. It was like a magic trick to some, though no sleight of hand or trickery was involved. We loved helping people and hearing the gratitude of those who came back days or weeks later to express how much our tarot reading and guidance had helped them.

Though we traditionally hide from the modern world (most of us don’t even have social media accounts; one of us refuses a cell phone) and keep to ourselves, we made a choice. We would start a website and offer our services to the world at large in an attempt to use our tarot reading and our skills to help more people through this life. Perhaps, even, to educate with what we’ve come to learn. This is part of the reason for this blog.

Here, we will discuss tarot reading, the services we offer such as yes no tarot, our daily tarot subscription service and our special love tarot reading and much, much more. We will discuss the nature of the universe, quantum theory and it’s application to what most people call magic and generally deliver a little Truth in a world fraught with conflict and confusion.

So if you don’t get a lot from us in terms of pictures, don’t be surprised. There is simply no need for it and none of us care to be famous or recognized. If you don’t hear a huge amount of personal information from or about us, this is normal. We are not here to tell our stories, but to serve you and help you in your own journey.

We absolutely will help you, believe us. We are here to serve and if this project only serves to better a single person’s life, then it was all worth it. The Tarot Tells is here to help, however we can. All anyone can do is just be kind to others and just try to make the world a little easier to live in for everyone. That is not a spiritual truth, an epiphany or divine. It is an empirical truth.