Moving forward with discussion on Magike Tekhne; everything we touch, see, feel, and hear is less than one billionth of reality. There is so much more going on, even beyond what we can observe with modern technology, and that leaves a lot of room for interpretation; for that reason, one might ask themselves, what might our own bodies be picking up on that we can’t truly detect with much more than our own intuition at times?

There is reason to believe that there is a sort of intelligence that moves through us, and possibly elsewhere in the cosmos, perhaps beyond. That this intelligence is emergent in us, as well as other animals, and even plants. All generating, just from being, frequencies and vibrations that may interact with us that affect us in ways we can’t always rightly explain, but it’s happening. We can feel it when a mood shift or energy shift takes place, we can feel our words carry more weight than others — spellcasting our reality at times, it seems.

The Awesome Magike Tekhne, Magic and Technique: Part 2 1

Perhaps that is what is happening, beyond the natural compounds found in plants, the green witch’s intent behind her tincture has an otherwise undetectable effect, possibly elevating one’s mood, heightening your senses, attracting mates, etc.. Maybe the incantation speaks to a deeper part of the human psyche in a primal way, as well as it’s rhythmic meter, tone and key. It could be that the shaman could intuitively speak to plants and animals on a spiritual level to attain the knowledge of the rainforest to help their people survive.

It seems we can only postulate what may be happening at times when events cross a threshold of detection and observation that hinder concrete studies from taking place. It really makes broader research fail the individual as we are all different; and besides, no two individuals craft is the same, as no two individuals truly share the same agenda. Of course, there are religions that amass people under a particular belief system, but you ask any individual about what they think it means for them then the answers will begin to vary. Same thing seems to take place in circles of magic.

It’s all about what you can make happen. You as an influence on the world around you, in nature, or more specifically, in the kitchen, with a deck of cards, music, social skills, interpersonal skills and consultation. Your influence on the flow of energy in and around you, learning to direct this, hone your skills, get results… That’s magic. Magike tekhne.

When reading Tarot I often tell people that I can draw any card and, if they should be open to the process, they will begin to, realizing it or not, discover relevance in the cards that can be observed to benefit them and shed light on inquiries.

Sometimes the reading doesn’t start until the inquiry is made, but at times I would just have them pull a card from the deck, let them study it for a moment, allow them to ask what the card stood for, and tell them what it means just to have it resonate with something that they are going through, have experienced, or something that has been heavy on their mind. I can’t rightly explain what is going on when that happens, but I can’t deny that it is happening, and seeming to have profound effects in people’s lives that are beneficial for growth and self-actualization.

Next time you sit and meditate, or connect with your environment, others, and yourself, with your craft. What is it that you want to do? What serves you in becoming a better human, practitioner, witch, pastoral figure, or student of the art? Do you intend to find out? Let’s continue to delve into these thoughts, let’s grow in our magike, let’s master our tekhne.

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