The Awesome Magike Tekhne, The Elements: Pt. 3 1

Earth, water, air, fire and all things ethereal. The five elements of being that we can rightly observe.

Earth being the foundations from which we build our superficial and material assets upon.

Water being the element in which these matters flow, how the beings involved feel about them.

Air being the intellectual property that directs these feelings and the material things these emotions are often attached to, or symbolic of.

Fire being the creative force that molds the earth, evokes emotion, reforms our perspectives, opinions, and direction.

Spirit, the ethereal, being the unseen force behind all of these things, invoking one’s will to dig into the earth, one’s heart to open this way & close that way, turning the cogs of the biomechanical thinking machine in our head, supplying us with the imagination to express ourselves creatively.

In tarot the pentacles are ascribed to the earth, cups with water, swords with the air, and wands with creativity, but what is the spirit? One can think of the spirit being the essence of a reading, the message that one walks away with, the very state of being that one finds themselves seeking answers for inquiries, or in regards to the reading & layout the spirit can be thought of as the inquirer themselves.

What elements might you not be wielding wisely, what elements might you be strongest with? Is your foundation firm; your emotional discipline effective; your thought process useful; your creativity expressive, productive, emotive, intelligent, and intuitive?

These are questions that are good to ask yourself as you trod the path you have chosen. Whether you are one of faith, science, mysticism, or a combination of any of those. The elements ranging from the most concrete to the most abstract are good food for thought as we embark on our different journeys. They tie us together as individuals interlaced within a collective organism that wanders this realm, living, feeling, breathing, feeding, being…

The earth is your home, the water is you emotional being, your mind is the blade that cuts through the air, and your creative energy is the forge from which you craft & and hone your skills, and your spirit is shared amongst all beings – tied to the stars that birthed us, and beyond.

What is this universe, but a state of being? As above, so below, and as within, so without… To quote one of my most favorite bands, We learn as we teach. We teach as we speak. We speak as we seek. We seek what we learn.”
-Shagrath, Dimmu Borgir – I Am Sovereign

And that quote, I believe, is the essence of spirit, or the ultimate manifesting form of the spirit.