You Don’t Have To Believe In Faeries

You can if you want, though. What I’m going to be talking about today is skepticism. Doubting everything you see, hear or think until you are provided evidence to your satisfaction of the existence of something. It is, I believe, an absolutely wonderful trait to have in a person. 

I also welcome any skeptic to give tarot card reading a try. Even if you have no esoteric belief at all, I recommend you have your cards read. Even without any mysticism or divine meaning at all, tarot cards serve as a valuable tool for viewing our psyche and observing the world around us with a kind of synthetic outside perspective. 

Tarot: Skeptics Welcome 1

What I mean by that is that at their core the Tarot cards represent both the major milestones of human psychological development and everyday events, people and concepts that we each encounter in life. They way they lay gives us a kind of snapshot or blueprint of that time in our life to look at from the outside and have interpreted for us by a guide for proper perspective. 

How is it that they always fall in such a way that has relation to us and our own lives? I can’t accurately answer that question, to be honest. It is said that until you can explain an idea to a child, you do not yet fully understand it; that is not a thing I can do. The answer is out there, somewhere in a field of probability theory, but it’s otherwise beyond me.

It could be that they simply represent a broad enough spectrum of human experience that, no matter how they fall, there can be seen in them a reflection of our own lives. A kind of Barnum statement played out with cards. Even if that were true and the layout of the cards didn’t really matter, tarot card reading is still important for one very simple reason.

Whenever people seek out a tarot reading, there is usually an issue in their life. Something, someone or some problem that they no longer feel fully suited to handle and seek out a very simple human need: guidance. It is through the cards that we offer to people guidance, counseling and therapy.

Even if the cards were fully a sham (I am not in any way saying they are, mind you), that fact wouldn’t serve to decrease their validity. They provide for us a medium to talk out our problems in a structured fashion using metaphor and analogy with another human being versed in such things. A way to step back and take a look at our lives through a unique lens and in that perhaps find the guidance that you need.

So you don’t have to believe in magic, faeries, elves or a flat Earth. No matter what you believe or how you think it is that Tarot cards work, they serve their ultimate purpose. The help us better understand our own existence and our own often elusive psychology. They mean whatever you would like them to mean. 

What matters is that they work. Let us show you…