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Love Tarot Reading Frequently Asked Questions

Love tarot questions and answers

Q: How much is a love tarot card reading?

A: We are here to answer your love tarot questions! Our special love tarot reading, unavailable anywhere else, is only $49 for a 15 minute (generally loosely timed. We’re not greedy) love tarot reading.

Q: What makes your love reading so special?

A: We use an old Romani method passed down for many generations using normal playing cards in place of the usual tarot deck. It is a beautiful, elegant style of reading and works best for matters of the heart. Just like babushka made. It is a unique card reading experience unlike you’ve ever had.

Q: What kind of questions do I ask?

A: Any questions of the heart or, alternatively, none at all. Our love tarot card reading works just as well with minimal input on the part of the client. They already know. You may ask whatever your heart aches to know, be it about love, relationships or just that crush at work.

Q: You all didn’t give me a very happy answer for my love reading, what gives?

A: Not all readings are positive and sometimes the target of your reading is just not the one for you. We will only ever speak Truth to you, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. We are very big advocates of no means no and only giving your affections to those who wish to receive them.

Q: Is that story on your web page about one of the authors of this site using love tarot to find his own love true?

A: Actually, yes. He’s very fond of telling the tale, but it is absolutely a true story. We’ve heard it alot.

Love tarot questions and answers

We hope we have answered all of your love tarot questions!