Live Tarot Reading FAQ

Live Tarot Card Reading Frequently Asked Questions

live tarot reading

Q: How much does a live tarot reading cost?

A: That answer varies depending on the length of live tarot reading, but the general fee to be connected with an online oracle is $69.99/15 minutes for chat, voice call or video call with discounts for more minutes purchased. Certain subscriptions available from offer special discounts as a reward.

Q: How much experience do your online oracles have?

A: Alot, though we don’t both to claim years under our belt or any such thing like other sites. We have been doing it long enough and are talented enough to have built a living around it! It also varies greatly from reader to reader. Ask if you find yourself speaking to one of us today!

Q: How old do you have to be to receive and online tarot card reading?

A: Our tarot reading services are only available to customers 18 and up. This is not negotiable and we ask that our choice to only offer our service to mature adults be respected so that we more easily serve the needs of our clients.

Q: When are you available for an online card reading?

A: Well, that varies. If the icon in the [insert location] says we are online, then we are likely available for a reading at that very moment. If not, contact us through out Contact page, give us a call at (833) 983-5858 or send us a message.

Q: What information is collected during an online tarot card reading?

A: Not a lot; nothing that is distributed in any way, shape or form. Our online oracles will keep a record of personal information such as your name, age, marital status and details about your issues discussed with us. All of this is kept private and is collected to better keep track of and serve our clients. It bears mentioning that there is NO digital copy kept of your records. We keep everything only on paper, the old fashioned way. If at any time you would like your info purged or you simply don’t want us to collect anything, please just let us know.

live tarot reading

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