Daily Tarot FAQ

Daily Tarot Cards Reading Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Tarot Cards FAQ

Q: How much is a subscription to your daily tarot reading service?

A: Our daily tarot cards subscription service is $99 for a month of daily emails. This gets you a new daily tarot card reading every day, written that day by one of our online oracles and the opportunity once a month to take advantage of a 15 minute $49 tarot reading! Unfortunately due to the volume of our subscribers, we are unable to answer any questions about this daily tarot reading. 

Q: How much is a subscription to your weekly tarot service?

A: Our weekly tarot subscription is only $49 for the month. You get 4 weekly tarot reading emails and these subscribers are also eligible for the $49 monthly 15 minute special. This also makes you eligible for many special offers that our normal clients are not and a candidate in the monthly drawing for a FREE tarot card reading.  Also, as with the daily subscription, this puts your name in the drawing for a FREE tarot card reading every month.

Q: Can I cancel my daily or weekly tarot reading subscription?

A: Absolutely, you may cancel anytime. Payments for that month are non-refundable. For example, if you decide to cancel your subscription for November on the 17th, you would not receive a refund for the remaining 13 days. 

Q: What is involved with the $49 special monthly reading?

A: Once a month, as a thank you to our subscribers, you are given the option for a private, 15 min (we don’t really watch the clock to hard on these to be honest) reading via chat, audio or video for only $49, normally over $100 in value!

Q: Is This Really A Limited Service?

A: Absolutely! We are only able to take a select number of subscribers so once we are full, we are full and a space will not come available until a member cancels their subscription.

Daily Tarot Cards FAQ

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