It’s Been AwhileStill Alive And Well 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Please forgive me, this has been for a few reasons; the most banal of which is work, of which I do full time. Sometimes you just have to have a normal job as well. The other reason is obvious and it is about that that I need to speak today. 

We all know of Covid-19. It is indeed all we hear about anymore as of late and has become possibly one of the greatest trials of our species. There is a lot of speculation and fear going around right now. I am not here to propose my personal theories or to attempt to credit or discredit anyone.

What I have to say is simpler than that: stay safe. No matter how dangerous or not you believe it is to you, that doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that you may be hale and healthy and able to weather that storm, one of the many people you encounter will not be and for them it is a death sentence.

I plead with all who read this to put aside politics and partisanship and simply be human. This issue is not about politics or race. It’s not about who can be the most right or make the best point. This is a pervasive disease that threatens if not our lives, than the structure of our society.

Already people are out of work and confined to their homes; more will follow before this is done. The government claims to be making moves to support us, but I want to stress… please don’t rely on that. Take care of you and your own as best you can. Be kind to each other, but be careful.

Now more than ever we need to come together. This is not a time to be lax or weak or, most of all, divided. We are all humans. This affects us all the world over. A storm has arrived and our species will be tested. It already is. The coming months or however long we must weather this will be hard and they will be unlike anything we have known before.

Please, please… though most of you do not know me, I beg you. Set aside the divisions and be civil. Be safe, wash your hands and make sure those less able to care for themselves are taken care of right now. There are those among us who want everything for themselves and this is not ok.

Buy only as much sanitizer as is sane. Remember, if we do not all have access to it, it is pointless. Stop buying all the toilet paper. There is no need and this panic buying is only serving to hurt us now. The truth is, hoarding supplies will not insure your survival. Likely the opposite, as those without will lash out against those that they perceive have forced them to go without. 

Be kind, be reasonable and, most of all, be sane. We must, for the sake of our very species, keep a cool head about this. We can and will get through this, but we all need your help. Every person who acts humanely is a step closer to what needs to be done. So be safe, all of you.

And wash your damn hands.