Love Tarot Spread

Our Spread For Love Tarot

Love Tarot Spread | A love tarot spread is a special kind of spread. The author of this writing already shared just how special it is to his own life. It reads into our heart and gives us guidance on a subject so hard to find guidance without bias on, love. Before we get started, you can watch a demonstration HERE of Edward Mesmer demoing this reading style.

love tarot spread

As we’ve told you before, we do our love tarot reading different and use not only a different love tarot spread, but a different kind of card altogether. We use playing cards to read tarot with on this one. Did you know that playing cards worked for tarot reading and do it very well? Many do not. So the question has to be asked why playing cards and is it something that’s been done before?

It’s Very Much Been Done Before

The answer to the second part of that question is a resounding YES, absolutely. The traveling people of the Russian and Ukrainian steppes, the people we know as Gypsies were well know for their fortune telling and card reading. Popular among these traveling people was the use of common playing cards to do an accurate tarot reading with.

From Generation To Generation

We use the techniques passed down over generations among those Slavic travelers of old of tarot reading with playing cards and find them just as reliable as the more well known 78 card tarot. Like the tarot, each card has it’s meaning and it’s complexities. Many are ideas and archetypes found in the tarot; some are not.

So How’s It Done?

So what do you get when you get our special love tarot spread? It is much the same as a normal tarot card reading at first, but it rapidly becomes very different after the cards are shuffled. As with our normal online tarot card reading, you are free to choose chat, call or video call for your love tarot reading.

love tarot spread

The cards are cut and, from the top, gone through two by two until a certain card is found. The card varies depending on if it is a man or a woman receiving the reading. For a woman we are watching for the queen of hearts; for a man, the king of hearts. This card is always what is called in a standard tarot spread as the signifier card; it represents you.

The card drawn with it tells us a lot initially in your love tarot spread. It’s relation to your signifier card tells us if what’s going on with your reading is emotional or more relevant to the world you live in. An external influence as we call it. For example, the 5 of spades means, basically, loss. On the emotional side of the card it would mean a recent loss (of which the rest of the spread will likely mention) is affecting the clients emotional state. On the other side, the external, it is more likely to mean something is missing from the clients life or that they lost something more physical.

Two Down, Three (At Least) To Go

Next, three cards are drawn for your love tarot reading with our online oracle using their intuition to guide their hand. This is much different than the standard tarot reading practice of simply drawing from the top. Each of the three cards drawn is laid out below the first two drawn, each card altering and effecting the one before it. This gives a picture for the reading itself. Giving an example of this stage of the reading is difficult, since the cards in our special love tarot spread have such a complex relation to each other.

Wait, There’s More…If You Want

love tarot spread

Once we have said the message your love tarot reading has to say there is more. Our love tarot spread offers more if you would like more information. You have the option to ask us to draw a single card for each of the three cards in your reading. This can offer more clarity on what they mean. For example, the king of spades is drawn. This card usually signifys an older man. The client wishes to know more about who this mysterious older man is, they may ask to know more. The 8 of clubs is drawn telling us that this older man is from the client’s work life or office.

And That’s Our Special Love Tarot Reading

That’s all there is to it! So much can be learned by getting our special love tarot reading. We want to stress right now, though. Love tarot reading is not love magick and will not serve to attract someone to you, but merely act to guide you.