A Final Word

Tarot Cards For Love and Relationships

Love Tarot Card Readings | Love tarot cards are, as you now know, an invaluable tool. We have spoken of it many times on this subject but now we would like to take a moment to discuss something unrelated to tarot card reading but still a very important subject since we are write about love tarot reading and romance.

Love is a wonderful thing. One of the most wonderful things we can experience in our lives’ journey. It can make all of our problems seem lesser to have a partner by our side. Love is hard work and certainly no fairy tale for most, but it is beautiful and unique and special.

And Now For Something A Little Different

Speaking to those seeking guidance in a love tarot readings or online tarot reading we wish to stress a few things on the subject of love and relationships. Yes, it is a jarring change of tone from our normal topics of yes no tarot reading and daily tarot, but it must be spoken of, especially in today’s scary world. Our apologies for the rant, if it’s viewed as such.

love tarot card reading

Love should never be forced. Love tarot reading and divination in general is not a love spell. It is not made to make someone fall in love with you or want to be with you. It simply guides you and advises you on the path that you currently travel. Sometimes a love tarot reading will tell a client that the path their heart is set on is not the right idea.

We’re Here To Help, No Matter What

love tarot card reading

Take this to heart if this is the case for you; our deepest apologies if it is. We are here only to speak the Truth of the cards to you, not to encourage a relationship even if the cards clearly say otherwise. To quote a perhaps overused but wise adage “No means no.” Not all things we want, really WANT, are good for us and sometimes we must be the adult it can be difficult to be and walk away.

Do It The Right Way

TheTarotTells.com in no way endorses love magic, love spells or charms targeted at a specific person. Now, we need to specify and point out our wording there. We said at a specific person on purpose and that’s just what we mean. Spells, charms and magic broadly intended to bring love into one’s life are wonderful and if you desire or have need for such things, we absolutely encourage you to seek out such things.

love tarot card reading

What we do not encourage are things made to alter what someone feels. These things can only be called curses by another name and in many schools of thought is referred to as ‘black magic’. What is meant by that is that you are attempting to alter the path of someone elses journey against their will or consent and this is not OK.

Please Listen To The Wisdom Of The Cards

If your love tarot spread says this person in not for you, we strongly advise you to consider just walking away and giving that person your blessings for the best of lives. That person is not for you, at least not now. Things do change, but sometimes it is just not the time.

We Love You All

All we are saying, for all of our talk of online tarot reading is simple. Love who you love, but make sure that love is going both ways; we mean that in so many ways. We wish all of you happy, healthy love. TheTarotTells.com is here to help guide you to that love that we all deserve. We’re here for you.