Hello To All

Hey there, I’m Astrid of The Tarot Tells. I’m not going to be doing any readings today, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself! I recently came on to work alongside my goof friend, Edward, and offer my special services. Something I’m passionate about is that I can interpret dreams.

Not just the signs and symbols that anyone can find with a little bit of searching, but the hidden things. The messages that your mind is trying to deliver to you. Those are the truly important messages, the messages can often be harmful to 

Greetings from Astrid! 1

miss. Our brains our complex, wonderful things. It and your unconscious mind are so much aware of everything around you and the workings of the universe itself. I think it’s of the utmost importance that people have available to them, someone to interpret these signs and messages. Think about it.

Take what’s usually referred to as a ‘prophetic dream’. Those dreams we have that foretell an event that is going to pass or that is currently happening. Everyone either knows someone who has had one or has had them personally. It’s to the point of almost being a common experience. What if I told you that it was more than just those obviously prophetic dreams? That much more often than just those, your sleeping self was trying to give you forewarning of things to come?

It very much does, as it turns out. That part of your mind doesn’t communicate like your conscious mind does. It’s somewhat hard to explain, but the best example I can think to give is this: Assume you are reading and you see an ant on the book. Imagine this ant is somehow able to speak to you and ask you what it’s standing on. Now explain to an ant what a book is. Not easy to think about, is it? That’s what your dreams are like. You are the ant standing on the book and your higher self that is you is trying so hard to explain what it is and what the words you’re standing on mean.

You see now why it pays to have a little help sometimes! I will also, of course, be available to read Tarot for you. You can schedule time with me the same as with Edward or anyone else. Just click on the scheduling link and when you fill out your information, just click the box that says Astrid! In the near future I will also be making videos doing some tarot card reading for all of you.

Please be patient with me as this is my first time doing this online and I’m still getting used to it, though those of you I’ve spoken with lately have been very supportive and I have to thank you. If you want to get ahold of me directly, you can go to our contact page or email me at Astrid@TheTarotTells.com. I look forward to helping all of you and speaking with you very soon!