How We Read Tarot Cards

How To Do Our Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card how to

Tarot Card How To | So now that you know why you should get a tarot card reading from us, would you like for us to break the rules for you a bit and explain to you exactly what you’re paying for when you receive an accurate online tarot reading from us? We’d be happy to tell you how to perform our tarot card reading. However, if you would like a demonstration, click HERE to see a video.

Our 7 Card Tarot Reading Layout

Tarot card how to

Our session begins with a simple thing, regardless of how you choose to receive your online tarot card reading from us: An introduction. As we shuffle the cards for you we will tell you our name and ask for yours. Perhaps we will ask a question or two about what brings you to us today and welcome you back if you are one of our many return clients.

Seven tarot cards will be drawn for you and laid out; an explanation offered of each one and what it means to you. You are free to ask as many questions as you would like about your tarot reading, but each card is laid out as follows.

As you see, it is not an exact ‘standard’ tarot card layout. We have long since created our own layout through our own intuition; we encourage anyone who reads tarot to do the same. Make it your own and the cards speak clearly. The tarot is not a rigid series of rules to follow; if anything is a natural expression of the human condition and a link to the fates. These are what the cards mean when we read.

It’s All In the Cards

The first card is what’s called the signifier card. It’s you and explains the person you are at this moment in your journey. In a tarot card reading this is the core card. All other tarot cards in the layout both alter it’s meaning and are altered by it. It represents where all of your past choices and present life have landed you. For example, a Tower card in this spot may represent you reeling from a sudden change. Or possibly currently experiencing one when placed in this position.

Your Heart Card

The second card, placed to the left of the card signifying you, speaks of your internal, emotional situations and outlook. What you held or hold in your heart that is effecting the current situation being spoken of. We’ll call this your heart card. For example, the 5 of wands is drawn and placed here.  That would indicate that you’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil and really beating yourself up over something.

Your World Card

The third tarot card, placed to the right of the card signifying you, speaks to the world around you as it is currently affecting you. It is your surroundings; often that which is out of your control, or possibly just speaking of a situation or person that is outside of you. Say if the 3 of swords ended up here it would tell us that there was a recent separation in your life and a resulting heartache from this loss.

Your Past

The fourth tarot card drawn it placed at the top of the crux and represents your significant past. This is a situation or event or person that directly has influence over your current mindset or situation. It can be a ghost of the past, an inspiration that guides you or a lesson learned. For example, if the Hierophant were to end up here it would show a something of a conventional past. Possibly where you were tied to traditional set of values or were, as we often find, suffering under them.

Your Future Tarot Card

The fifth card drawn is placed below the forth card and above the very first. This is the future. It is a sign of events to come if your current path is held to. It can be a warning or it can be a goal. Perhaps a person to look out for or a reassurance of purpose. It is the future. It is what you make it. We’ll say the Fool ended up here. That would speak of a coming time in your life where you put away all of your concerns and experience with new eyes.

The Outcome

The sixth is the outcome in your tarot card reading. It relates to the fifth tarot card (the future) in that it is the outcome of how you choose to approach that future path. Or a possibility in a sea of outcomes if it is not one you choose to have. Ones’ path can often change, especially without someone to guide them. Let’s say the Death card ended up here. No worries… it’s a good card! It means a change or a transformation will come at the end of this.

Your Opposition

The seventh and final tarot card in your reading is revealed from the bottom card of the deck. It’s your opposition, that which stands in your way of living your best life and it is often surprising what is revealed that holds us back. For example, we will say the Knight of swords was pulled and has shown up here. It would tell us that a very brash, hot headed young man stood in the way of your happiness.

And There You Have It

Tarot card how to

That’s how we do it, simple and laid out for you to see. If you are a tarot card reader already, excellent. You are free to use this information to help you learn how to read tarot cards. We wish you luck and will happily answer any questions you may have. Our tarot card readers are a click or two away!

We are going to take a moment to stress something to you: Tarot readings and every other form of divination are not set in stone. All things can change if you will it. What a tarot card reading does is this. It gives you a kind of snap shot of your fate as it stands on your current path, making the choices you currently make. It is not a sure thing and every little thing you do can alter the path of your journey.

You may be telling yourself that ‘there’s a tarot card reader near me‘ and that you can just go there, That’s good, but let’s break another rule and give you some words of caution.