A Word Or Two On Caution

Tarot Card Reading Near Me

Use caution when getting a tarot reading

A Tarot Reading Near Me | You now know what goes into our accurate online tarot card reading. We even told you how to read tarot cards! At least the groundwork of how we do it. You tell us, though…. ‘TheTarotTells.com’ you say, because we assume you address online tarot card reading websites as people and vice versa, ‘I found a place that does tarot card reading near me,’ you ask, indignant, ‘I can just go there to have my tarot cards read.’

This well and good, but let us arm you with knowledge for when you approach any tarot card reader. Giving out this information may get us in trouble, but iZelda has sworn to protect us so we reveal these secrets of false tarot card reading to you so that you know and can protect yourself.

Accurate Tarot Cards? Buyer Beware!

Use caution when getting a tarot reading

Use caution of any tarot card reader that asks you too many questions. These can easily be used to form generalized statements known as ‘Barnum Statements’ after the famous P.T. Barnum of circus fame and can easily be masked as ‘psychic intuition’ or clairvoyance. We keep our questions to a minimum for a reason in our online tarot card reading; this is to insure an accurate tarot card reading. An answer means more when the question need never be asked.

Beware of doom sayers, those that forecast ill luck for you and offer you a solution with a potion or a spell. It is not to say that sometimes such witchcraft is called for and appropriate, but caution must be used and your own intuition followed. Throughout the years, the dishonest among those trying to read the fates have used fear and paranoia to make money and convince you that all hope is lost; they are, of course, your salvation.

It’s Not Just The Frowny Faces Either

Use caution when getting a tarot reading

The same can be said about those that foretell only happiness and sunshine. They will most often have a book to sell you about how to stay happy or some such. Now, some will accuse us with this of being a sour person, but it is not always all happy. Life has trials and hitches and that is often why you turn to a tarot card reading of your own free will.

Oh; Don’t Forget The Cults

Absolutely beware of those trying to sell you a spiritual system or way to think or believe. This is often the greatest danger when seeking a tarot card reading or seeking guidance among the esoteric. There are those that prey on the innocent people seeking answers with a twisted spiritual system. We will never tell you what to believe or how and the most we will ever do is offer our own knowledge and perspective for your consideration.

And There You Have It

These are but a few things to look out for.  We hope this information both helps you and assures you of our intent and knowledge. Knowing these things about tarot card reading, you’re prepared. We welcome you to speak with us and experience what an accurate online tarot card reading is like. We know you won’t be disappointed.