What’s the Point?

On a long enough timeline, nothing matters. Not you, not me, not Alexander the Great, not humanity as a whole. On a long enough timeline the galaxies drift far enough apart to make contact and there will come a time when, if mankind is still around, we will look up at the sky and see only darkness and know that we really are alone. Sure, we will still have our local cluster (Milky Way and Andromeda) but even those will eventually merge and we will be but a single spinning spiral in an endless, impenetrable field of black.

Pretty dark, huh? It is and it’s simply the facts. So what’s the point? If nothing means anything and everything is trivial on an extended timeline, what does it matter? In staring into the void do we simply give up? If there is no real future and nothing a single individual does can matter, why try? Let me explain why it absolutely matters.

Does It All Mean Anything? 1

Every particle in you, aeons ago, was once a star. You, sitting there, are made of stardust and in another aeon, you will be again. Intelligent life is such a rare thing and consciousness such an unexplainably beautiful state and you exist against all odds in the universe. Life is hard. 

What of it?

So for a brief moment you get to be here, with all the other talking carbon monkeys getting to play and talk and have fun and that’s wonderful. We don’t know why or what it means, but we are all here right here, right now. We live in the grandest moment in the entire human race and in this flicker of time all of us ex-stars get to be here. Together. 

Perhaps let’s enjoy it, huh? We spend so much time being offended and outraged and distracted that we’re at each others throats and that’s not ok. Politics, religion, gender, age, location…. all these are things we use to divide ourselves more and more. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, we are all human and have the same basic needs and wants and hurts. It is called the human condition for a reason.

We live in the Age of Outrage and I think we all need to calm down. Yes, we have problems as a society; they are not caused by you and I. They are caused by men and women behind closed doors who care about nothing except dying with a little more money and they will sell this species and this planet out to do it. 

Just look around… oil, drugs, deforestation, strip mining, war… are you or I responsible for this? No. It has nothing to do with your gender or how old you are or what some puppet said and the country gets outraged while ignoring what actually matters. Our planet is dying. Our species is dying. We are on a road right now with a very dark end.

Don’t get outraged at your gender being assumed or what the previous generation ‘did’ or what another person prays to and get pissed at what matters. Stop fighting among ourselves and being divided like good little drones. Forget who the real problem is and be upset because a lying media tells you it’s time to be upset.

All that matters is our planet. All that matters is our children having a place they can grow up happy in and continue our work. Perhaps this blog post in itself is going to spark some outrage and, if this all offends you, I really want you to ask yourself why? Everyone is human and we need to fix and preserve our home. Is that offensive.

So no… on a long enough timeline, nothing matters. That’s no reason to give up, though. We are here, together. Together. We can fight or we can work together to fix real issues. Life is beautiful and full of flowers and pretty girls and corn dogs and those hilarious little swords they put in your olives.

Enjoy it while your here.

You have an appointment to be a star.