Daily Tarot Value

You’ll Love Daily Tarot

Love Daily Tarot? | Daily tarot reading is an invaluable tool. We’ve already spoken of why it could be of tremendous use to you, but what kind of person would get such a thing? Who would turn to the wisdom of a simple deck of tarot cards every day?

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Again, me. Us. You. Anyone who wants a feel of the flow of fate or wants a distraction to meditate on and learn from in an otherwise hectic world. Much like a daily prayer of the Christian church, a daily lesson of the tarot helps put into words in concepts the trials and troubles we all face day to day. A lesson to think upon, a productive lesson to learn from in place of the worry and strife of daily life.

How Do You Use Daily Tarot For Yourself?

Every morning this author (with his morning coffee, of course) pulls a card from his personal deck and sets it on the table before him. I sip my coffee (black with two sugars if ever it comes up) and I look at the card presented to me by my own daily tarot card reading, contemplating as I drink my coffee on what it means. Not just for my day or my morning, but how it relates to life and the human condition in general.

Did you know the famed Carl Jung drew a connection between the major arcana and the development of the human psyche? Did you know the major and minor arcana can be effectively used in story creation and is an excellent creative game to play with yourself? These and many lessons to be written about on this website are among the many meditations you could partake in.

What Else Does Daily Tarot Discuss?

We speak on more direct things in our daily tarot reading, though. Not so much the myriad of ways the tarot can be meditated upon. Our daily tarot reading is more about object lessons and concepts to be meditated on by the tarot cards themselves, though we will gladly speak of these ideas presented in an online tarot reading. We are here to teach as well as guide, after all. Knowledge is to be shared, not hoarded; the secrets of the tarot are for all to explore.

And The Weekly Subscription?

daily tarot love

Our weekly tarot reading serves a different purpose. This subscription to a weekly tarot card reading is far more an evaluation of the world around you. Of events and energies past, existing and to come. This layout is common among many tarot card readings. We find it to be even more valuable to read the world around us. To keep our finger on the pulse of the fates around us and move accordingly through our journey on this world.

So….How Do You Do A Daily or Weekly Reading?

So how do we do this? What process do we take in this daily tarot reading and what do you get for your money? We are always glad to answer you!