Daily Tarot How-To

Reading Daily Tarot Cards

Daily Tarot Readings | Daily tarot reading for love, career or just simple perspective has already been explained for the valuable tool that it is. So what is it that you get for your money and exactly how do we do it? It would be as much a joy to explain as it is to perform a daily tarot card reading. We love to do it.

How Are Daily Tarot Cards Read?

daily tarot how to

First we will cover the daily tarot card reading subscription service. This really all starts on our end. Every morning (doing it the night before is not only cheating, but blurs the perspective of the coming day) one of our online oracles wakes up and makes their coffee. Never trust a human without coffee. They focus on the coming day at hand and shuffle the cards, drawing the card that calls to be chosen.

Our tarot reader sits down at their keyboard and delivers the meaning of the card. What it is, what significance it is to the world around them and delivering any lessons they feel need to be told that day with that particular card. The message that card has to send those around us that day. They then send it out to you every morning for your reading and meditation.

And Weekly Tarot Reading?

Our weekly tarot card reading is a slightly different process for, as you know, slightly different results. Each Saturday one of our online tarot oracles meditates on the week past and the week to come, shuffling the tarot cards as they do. Three cards are then laid out in a row. The first is the week past, the second is the present as it stands and the third and final is a message of the week to come.

This message is written out in exacting detail in a letter to all of our weekly tarot reading subscribers and sent out for your meditation and consideration. This is among our favorite types of reading to do as it keeps us in tune with the rhythm of the world around us. By reading for all of you out there every day it keeps us with our proverbial finger on the pulse of everything around us and you too can benefit from the daily tarot card reading!

You Mentioned A Discounted Reading?

daily tarot how to

The special discounted tarot reading offered to our subscribers is normally done on this day. We do, however, understand that not everyone can get their reading that day. As always, we will happily work around your schedule. We are here to serve and guide you. This discounted reading is only available once a month as a special gift to our loyal clients as a thank you for choosing TheTarotTells.com to be your online oracle.

Ok But Can It Really Work?

Do you understand what meaning a daily or weekly tarot card reading could have in your life? A tool to serve you and walk with you every day is a valuable tool indeed. Is such a thing accurate, though? Can cards drawn for a large crowd deliver any wisdom? Absolutely; the answer is much simpler than you’d think, as is usually the case with the tarot cards.