What Are Dreams?

Really, think about that. What are dreams? Why do we have them? Most if not all of us do and sometimes it’s obviously just our brain having fun while our body does the thing. Sometimes, though, it’s not. Sometimes we have a dream that leaves us with a weird feeling or that we know in our heart meant something but you can’t figure out how. 

We will soon be able to answer these questions for you! The Tarot Tells is pleased to welcome a new member of our team who specializes in just such a thing. A long time friend of Edward, Astrid is able to perform a dream interpretation that can unlock the cryptic signs your own mind is trying to give you. The messages our dreams are desperately trying to give us can now be

A Few Thoughts on Dreams 1

understood thanks to her. 

Soon we will be adding a new section to our website to accommodate her and her services will be available to you all. Until such time as we have TheTarotTells.com set up to accommodate them, please contact us HERE  with any questions. You can also look forward to seeing upcoming blog posts from her and (if we can persuade her) perhaps a video or two. 

Our dreams are such strange things. Speaking for myself, I have experienced a profundity of emotion that I have rarely felt in the waking world. Is it not odd that a simple picture show our mind is putting on for us can cause such extreme emotional response? Indeed there are people whose dreams haunt them. Sleep paralysis (and the effigies of their demons), chronic nightmares and the like make dreams a very different thing for some of us.

Indeed, a whole horror movie franchise was able to be built on the premise that someone could kill you in your dreams; that idea haunted generations. It was because of the vulnerability of it, the idea of being attacked on a battleground none of us really understood. 

It is my own belief that some dreams are so much more. How many of you out there reading this have experienced such extreme things as prophetic dreams (dreams foretelling future events)? Such a thing is bordering on a common human experience and you really have to ask yourself how?

The answer is that we have prophetic dreams all the time. That buried part of you that is your subconscious mind is so much more aware of the patterns and theorems at work around it is very frequently trying to tell you something. However, it’s often seems like it’s trying to tell us something in a totally foreign language, doesn’t it? 

It is for that reason we are so pleased to have Astrid on board with us now to answer all the questions you may have about the hidden messages in your dreams. Stay tunes for updates of this service and how you can get your dreams interpreted at The Tarot Tells! We’re going to have alot of new things coming up including some specials you don’t want to miss out on.