What Amount Of Time Do I Need For A Tarot Reading?

So you’ve decided that it’s time to get you cards read, either for the first time or again. You come here, looking for this reading and you notice that we, unlike much of our competition, do not work on a minute to minute basis, but in blocks (15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute) of time. What choice is right for you?

I am of the opinion that each of these time blocks fill the need for a specific depth you wish to address your questions. For the sake of example and to help answer any future questions, I am going to be providing reasons and examples for each of these amounts of time; hopefully at the end you’ll be better able to choose what’s right for you.

15 Minutes

This is enough time for a full tarot card reading. An experienced reader (the only kind we employ) will be able to give a brief interpretation of your situation as the cards say in this amount of time. This includes a full grasp of the factors influencing your situation, as well as possible future outcomes and obstacles. Nothing in lost for it being brief.

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Now, I do want to stress that this reading is brief. This amount of time allows basically only for the drawing and general interpretation of their message. This is quite suitable for guidance in your daily life, but it lacks something that is very available in the other two time slot; in truth vital to your complete understanding of the situation at hand.

That something is questions. Due to the fact that we are on such a limited amount of time to give you a comprehensive reading, it does not allow for a lot of time for any type of question exchange. The information is simply delivered, albeit in a clear and easy to digest way, but not much more. 

30 Minutes

You’ve considered your question you wish to ask of the cards and you’ve decided that you’d like more than just the basic details. Our 30 minute reading allows us for a bit more time to really get down to your issue. It is with this time I personally like to answer questions and possible draw extra cards to get extra clarity on a person or situation.

This is a useful amount of time for a tarot card reading; indeed our most popular option. Personally it is my preferred amount of time to do a reading as it allows me to get a little in depth into someone’s issue. If you find yourself with a question for our tarot cards and need a bit of detail and discussion, this time slot is for you.

60 Minutes

Our longest time slot available, clients wishing this block of time have a real issue to work out and discuss and for this reason we go about it a bit differently. This reading is, by far, a guided discussion not just on a single question, but a whole area of your life. 

For example, you wish to know about your love life or career in general. This is a broad topic in need of this allotment of time to discuss. This is an issue we will need to explore and clarify together and with more tools and just the usual tarot card reading that we have available for the most part.

As for myself at least, during these readings is when I bring out the more exotic forms of divination to help guide our discussion. Runes, oracle cards, dominoes and pendulums are among the tools I use to clarify aspects of this reading and the questions surrounding it.

In a way you are not getting a single reading when you purchase this time slot. You are getting a guided journey and analysis of a specific part of your life and this often entails multiple readings using, as previously mentioned, multiple methods. This reading is for people with serious questions in need of serious, objective discussion. 

There’s a basic breakdown of all of our time allotments. I hope this helps you decide better what type of reading is best for you and your own life. Whatever you choose, we’ll be here to help you through whatever issues life has for you and deal with them in the healthiest, most proactive way possible.